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Product type: Application • Category: Computational Fluid Dynamics • Vendor: C&R Technologies
  SINDA/FLUINT is a comprehensive finite-difference, lumped parameter (circuit or network analogy) tool for heat transfer design analysis and fluid flow analysis in complex systems. It is used at over 500 sites in the aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, biomedical, and automotive industries, and in over 25 countries.
72. Singula
Product type: Application • Category: Electromagnetism • Vendor: Integrated Engineering Software
  SINGULA is your choice for applications requiring high frequency electromagnetic analysis. Utilizing the innovative Boundary Element Method (BEM) technology, SINGULA has been specifically designed to handle complex high frequency electromagnetic problems when solving for large open region problems and modeling of boundaries must be precise.
73. SolidWorks 2006
Product type: Application • Category: Mechanical engineering - Mechanical CAD • Vendor: SolidWorks
  Get to market faster with SolidWorks«, the standard in 3D mechanical design software. SolidWorks offers unmatched performance and value, leadership in innovation, and the largest community of users. No other CAD system allows you to get product design work done as quickly and accurately.
74. Structural Dynamics Toolbox
Product type: Library • Category: MATLAB Solutions • Vendor: SDTools
  The Structural Dynamics Toolbox (SDT) enhances MATLAB« core capabilities in controls and signal processing through extensions linked to general 3-D finite element modelling, experimental modal analysis and test/analysis correlation.
75. TDiff 5.0
Product type: Application • Category: Electromagnetism • Vendor: Field Precision, Inc.
  Thermal transport in solids and biological media with temperature- dependent properties.
76. Tecplot 10
Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Tecplot
  Plot and animate all your simulation and experimental data exactly the way you want. Arrange multiple XY, 2 and 3D plots in one layout, automate plotting tasks, and present your results with brilliant, high-quality output.
77. Trak 6.0
Product type: Application • Category: Electromagnetism • Vendor: Field Precision, Inc.
  Charged-particle tracking, beam transport and electron/ion gun design.
78. VisiQuest
Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Accusoft
  VisiQuest is a Visual Framework for science and technology designed to provide researchers, scientists, engineers, and educators with a faster way to reach discovery in the fields of data and image analysis. Use VisiQuest to rapidly develop algorithms, create compelling visualizations, and collaborate with colleagues. You can even integrate MATLAB code to visually and interactively work with M-files.
79. visualNastran 4D
Product type: Application • Category: Finite Element Analysis • Vendor: MSC Software
  visualNastran 4D (vN4D) takes mechanical simulation to the next dimension by merging CAD, motion, FEA, and controls technologies into a single functional modeling system.
80. WaveSim 5.0
Product type: Application • Category: Electromagnetism • Vendor: Field Precision, Inc.
  Finite-element frequency-domain simulations of electromagnetic propagation and microwave devices.

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