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61. PDQWorks
Product type: Application • Category: Mechanical engineering - Mechanical CAD • Vendor: Capvidia
  PDQWorks is the first product available to SolidWorks designers to provide real-time CAD model quality verification, and certification to guarantee that product data quality guidelines for topology, geometry, and manufacturability are satisfied.
62. PerMag 5.0
Product type: Application • Category: Electromagnetism • Vendor: Field Precision, Inc.
  Two-dimensional magnetostatics with non-linear magnetic materials, permanent magnets, and anisotropic materials.
63. PGI Visual Fortran
Product type: Application • Category: Development Tools • Vendor: The Portland Group
  PGI Visual Fortran (PVF) fully integrates the PGI suite of high-performance 64-bit and 32-bit parallel Fortran compilers and tools from The Portland Group into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
Product type: Application • Category: Computational Fluid Dynamics • Vendor: Cham
  PHOENICS is a general-purpose software package which predicts quantitatively how fluids (air, water, steam, oil, blood, etc) flow in and around engines, process equipment, buildings, human beings, lakes, river and oceans, and so on.
Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Visual Numerics
  PV-WAVE® is an array based programming language used to build and deploy Visual Data Analysis applications. These applications let users manipulate and visualize simple to extremely complex datasets to detect and display patterns, trends, anomalies and other vital information that would otherwise be overlooked in their data.
66. ROV Risk Modeler
Product type: Application • Category: Statistics • Vendor: Real Options Valuation
  ROV Risk Modeler is a comprehensive software suite, that takes the risk analysis modeling, simulation and optimization outside of Excel and into the database environment, to allow the whole process automation and work with very large datasets.
67. ScanEx Image Processor
Product type: Application • Category: Data Analysis • Vendor: ScanEX
  ScanEx Image Processor is intended for geometric and radiometric correction of satellite and aerial remotely sensed data, additional processing of geometrically corrected data and creation of thematic products.
68. ScanEx NeRIS
Product type: Application • Category: Neural Networks • Vendor: ScanEX
  ScanEx NeRIS is designed for thematic interpretation of spatial data, and first of all of the Earth observation data. The software is mainly implemented on the basis of Kohonen artificial neural networks for ordination, classification and thematic interpretation of the data. It provides interpretation of multi-layer data, including the detection and mapping of geological structures, such as lineaments.
69. ScanMagic
Product type: Application • Category: Data Analysis • Vendor: ScanEX
  ScanMagic is an easy-to-use and powerful software for viewing, analyzing and processing remote sensing (RS) data. In most cases ScanMagic allow to create finished remote sensing products cost-effectively without involving additional software tools. The complete functionality and unique features of ScanMagic allow to process RS data in near-real time (NRT).
70. SinapsPlus
Product type: Application • Category: Computational Fluid Dynamics • Vendor: C&R Technologies
  SinapsPlus is a complete pre- and post-processing tool for SINDA/FLUINT. Users sketch their thermal and/or fluid circuits on the screen, validate inputs, launch a SINDA/FLUINT run, and then visualize results on their original schematic.

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