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Tecplot 10

by Tecplot

Plot and animate all your simulation and experimental data exactly the way you want. Arrange multiple XY, 2 and 3D plots in one layout, automate plotting tasks, and present your results with brilliant, high-quality output.

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Version 10 marks a major milestone for Tecplot. The latest release includes new capabilities in three key areas: plotting, data managements, and the user interface.

These enhancements provide more control to explore, analyze and communicate results.

New Features in Tecplot 10

01. Undo 09. Multiple Contour Variables
02. Variable & Node Map Sharing 10. 3-D Scatter Symbols
03. Data Journaling 11. Image Import
04. Auxiliary Data 12. Frame Linking Options
05. Cell-Centered Data Options 13. Improved Data Loaders
06. Polar Plots 14. Super Sampling Options
07. RGB Color Flooding 15. JPEG Export Options
08. Specular Highlights 16. Flash (SWF) Export Options

1. Undo enables you to reverse view changes, style changes, and data operations at a click of a button ? giving you freedom to explore and analyze your data without hesitation.

2. Variable and Node Map Sharing reduces memory usage and improves performance by sharing variables and node maps between zones. Define one grid definition for time-dependent and iterative solutions with non-moving grids. This applies to structured and unstructured data.

3. Data Journaling eliminates the requirement to save modified data files when writing out layouts. Data alterations are saved in your layout file and applied when the file is opened. View and modify data journaling commands in any text editor.

4. Auxiliary Data Options enable you to attach supplementary information (name/value pairs) to data sets, frames, or zones. Auxiliary data can be read from your data file or set by a macro or add-on. View auxiliary data from the data menu, use in equations or display as dynamic text.

5. Cell Centered Data Options make it possible to read and display cell-centered data or a combination of mixed node and cell-centered data. Point objects such as vectors and scatter symbols can be plotted at the cell center, face center or node locations.

6. Polar Plot Capabilities enable polar line plots. In this example: R=f(Theta).

7. RGB Color Flooding makes it possible to assign up to three variables to the red, green, and blue channels. Use RGB color flooding with multi-phase and multi-component flows to view concentrated and diluted regions.

8. Specular Highlights add realistic lighting to 3-D plots. Surface reflections provide a better understanding of 3-D shapes.

9. Multiple Contour Variable Features enable you to view and analyze multiple variables at once. Assign different contour variables to different zones or display multiple contours for a given zone. You can also display a separate contour variable on iso-surfaces.

10. 3-D Scatter Symbols enable you to display spheres and other 3-D shapes for symbols. Like all symbols in Tecplot, you can size them proportionally to a specific variable.

11. Image Import allows logos and bitmapped images to be incorporated into your plots.

12. Frame Linking Options provide more control between and within frames. Link slices, iso-surfaces and other attributes between frames. Link axis styles, grid line styles and Zone/Map attributes within frames. Save time and generate your plots with less effort.

13. Improved Data Loaders incorporating variable and node map sharing, auxiliary data and cell-centered data capabilities into the PLOT3D, CGNS, and Fluent loaders.

14. Super Sampling Options create anti-aliased images that export with eye-pleasing on-screen graphics. Anti-aliasing softens jagged edges making text easy to read and objects appear to be smooth.

GIF with anti-aliasing GIF without anti-aliasing

15. JPEG Export Options enable you to display continuous-tone images in HTML documents over the Web and other online services. JPEG, a true color format, retains all color information in an image while compressing file size by selectively discarding data (lossy compression). To control lossy compression a Quality slider is used.

16. Flash (SWF) Export Options let you create high-quality, true color animations. Tecplot?s Flash output is extremely flexible. You select movie width, quality, size, speed and smoothness. Combined these options create vivid, eye-pleasing graphics. Flash plays in QuickTime and other freely distributed media players. Flash files can also be inserted and viewed directly in HTML Web documents and MS PowerPoint.

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