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de asKSam Systems

askSam es una base de datos que actualmente es utilizada por investigadores, estudiantes, profesores, empresas, etc. en todo el mundo como herramienta que les permite organizar y clasificar grandes cantidades de información.

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Caracteristicas y especificaciones de askSam

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askSam Features and Specifications


Gather Information from Many Sources


Type into askSam's WYSIWYG word processor or import information in a variety of formats.

Integrated WYSIWYG Word Processor Includes...

     ? Special mode for entering structured data

     ? Support for Styles

     ? Support for True Type Fonts

     ? Support Graphics and OLE Objects

     ? Drag & Drop Editing

     ? Headers, Footers, Page Numbering

     ? Built in Spell Checker

Import Filters for...


     ? Text (ASCII)

     ? askSam Dos Text Files

     ? askSam 4 Files

     ? HTML

     ? Eudora

     ? Microsoft Word

     ? WordPerfect

     ? Microsoft Access

     ? Microsoft DBase/ FoxPro

     ? Microsoft Excel

     ? Microsoft Outlook 2000

     ? Paradox

     ? ODBC Import

     ? RTF files (Microsoft's Rich Text Format)

     ? Comma Delimited Data (CSV files)

     ? Tab Delimited Data

     ? Fixed Position Data

Powerful Searches


Find any word or phrase ? anywhere in your database. No need to concern yourself with fields, indexes, or field lengths. Nothing could be simpler.

Searches ...


     ? Full-text searches for any word or phrase

     ? Wildcard searches with * and ?

     ? Boolean searches (AND, OR, and NOT)

     ? Parenthesis in Boolean search logic

     ? Proximity searches

     ? Numeric searches (>, <, >=, <=, <>)

     ? Date searches

     ? Fuzzy searches

     ? Search through multiple askSam databases

     ? Case sensitive searches

Create Electronic Documents


With askSam's Hypertext Functions, it's simple to set up Hypertext Links.



     ? Set Hypertext Links to Bookmarks and Document Names

     ? Set Hypertext Links to other askSam files

     ? Run Reports from Hypertext Links

     ? Execute askSam Menu Commands (such as FILE -> OPEN) from Hypertext

     ? Start other applications (for example a viewer for graphics)

     ? Set Hypertext links to any Web address (URL).

     ? Hypertext Links can be exported to HTML documents

     ? Viewer can be purchased for distributing data



See what you want to see - askSam lets you find an entire document or generate a report containing specific pieces of information. Use pre-defined reports or create your own.



     ? Drag & Drop Report Writer (no programming required)

     ? Sort alphabetically, numerically, or by date

     ? Include totals and subtotals

     ? Group fields

     ? Include IF statements in reports

     ? Create summary reports

     ? Use headers and footers in reports

Additional Features:


     ? Support for OLE version 2.0

     ? Include graphics, videos, and sound

     ? Bookmarks

     ? Mail Merge

     ? Automatic phone dialer

     ? Password protection and encryption

     ? Automatic date and time stamps

     ? Network version available (with record locking)

     ? Multiple Entry Forms per database

Pre-defined Applications


To make getting started even easier, askSam includes:

     ? Over 15 pre-defined Templates (for Magazine Clippings, Helpdesks, Questionnaires and more).

System Requirements


     ? An IBM compatible computer with at least a P90 processor.

     ? 16 MB of RAM, 30 MB of free disk space

     ? askSam will run on Windows 95, 98, 98SE, 2000, ME, XP and Windows NT

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Caracteristicas y especificaciones de askSam
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» Caracteristicas y especificaciones de askSam

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