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22 products found within the sector: Control systems design/Analysis.

21. UniPhi
Product type: Application • Category: Development Tools • Vendor: SimuQuest
  UniPhi is a toolbox for Simulink that facilitates the rapid development of embedded applications, enabling a modular model architecture in which target-specific and target-independent functionality are decoupled.
22. WinWedge
Product type: Application • Category: Data Acquisition • Vendor: TAL Technologies
  WinWedge is a serial data acquisition and instrument interface software. It allows you to collect data from Scales and Balances, Gages, pH Meters, Meters, Laboratory Instruments, Sensors, Densitometers, GPS Receivers, Barcode Scanners, Telephone Systems, etc... any RS232 instrument or device. Input real-time RS232 data directly into MS Excel, Access, LIMS, MMIs, Statistical and Math software, VB, etc.

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