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22 products found within the sector: Control systems design/Analysis.

11. NeuroSolutions
Product type: Application • Category: Neural Networks • Vendor: NeuroDimension
  NeuroSolutions is a highly graphical neural network development tool that combines a modular, icon-based network design interface with an implementation of advanced learning procedures and genetic optimization. The result is a virtually unconstrained environment for designing neural networks for research and for solving real-world problems.
12. NeuroSolutions Custom Solution Wizard
Product type: Application • Category: Neural Networks • Vendor: NeuroDimension
  The Custom Solution Wizard (CSW) is an add-on program for NeuroSolutions that will allow you to embed a custom neural network into your own application. It does this by encapsulating your NeuroSolutions neural network (breadboard) into a self-contained Dynamic Link Library (DLL).
13. NeuroSolutions for MATLAB
Product type: Application • Category: Neural Networks • Vendor: NeuroDimension
  The NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox is a valuable addition for MATLAB users who want to leverage the power of NeuroSolutions inside MATLAB. The toolbox features 15 neural models, 5 learning algorithms and a host of useful utilities that enables one to employ the power of neural networks to solve complicated real-world problems.
14. Nexxis CAL
Product type: Application • Category: Data Acquisition • Vendor: Labtronics
  Nexxis CAL is a unique calibration management solution that can make calibration management an integral part of every analysis that your lab runs. It includes all of the features and functions that you need to automatically schedule, document and report your laboratory instrument calibrations.
15. O-Matrix Development Kit
Product type: Application • Category: Helping Programming Tools • Vendor: Harmonic Software
  O-Matrix Development Kit provides the tools for creating stand-alone visual data analysis applications with O-Matrix. Applications built with the O-Matrix Development Kit can be distributed royalty-free without the need for end users to purchase additional copies of O-Matrix or other third-party packages or libraries.
16. OmniTrack
Product type: Application • Category: Electromagnetism • Vendor: Field Precision, Inc.
  Charged-particle orbits and collective beam physics in electric and magnetic fields.
Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Visual Numerics
  PV-WAVE® is an array based programming language used to build and deploy Visual Data Analysis applications. These applications let users manipulate and visualize simple to extremely complex datasets to detect and display patterns, trends, anomalies and other vital information that would otherwise be overlooked in their data.
18. QuantiPhi
Product type: Application • Category: Development Tools • Vendor: SimuQuest
  QuantiPhi is a comprehensive set of Simulink blocksets for the MPC56x and PIC18F452 microprocessors.
19. Structural Dynamics Toolbox
Product type: Library • Category: MATLAB Solutions • Vendor: SDTools
  The Structural Dynamics Toolbox (SDT) enhances MATLAB® core capabilities in controls and signal processing through extensions linked to general 3-D finite element modelling, experimental modal analysis and test/analysis correlation.
20. TCP-Wedge
Product type: Application • Category: Data Acquisition • Vendor: TAL Technologies
  TCP-Wedge for TCP/IP data collection and communication directly into any Windows application. Collect data from instruments connected directly to an intranet or the Internet directly into Excel, Access, FoxPro, etc. Full support for 2-way I/O allows you to both send and receive data over a TCP/IP port directly from within any Windows program.

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