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32 products found supporting Mac OS X.

1. biOpen 2
Product type: Application • Category: Bioinformatics • Vendor: AbOrygen
  Experience the most innovative and intuitive molecular biology software designed to simplify and improve the research work of life scientists worldwide. Breakthrough features in biOpen include dynamic and seamless integration of sequence analysis tools, unique and powerful display capabilities, and easy-to-use project management interface.
2. Crocodile Chemistry
Product type: Application • Category: Chemistry • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile Chemistry is a comprehensive simulated chemistry laboratory where you can model experiments and reactions safely and easily.
3. Crocodile ICT
Product type: Application • Category: Helping Programming Tools • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile ICT is a powerful tool for teaching control and programming. Use a simple flowchart interface to write programs which control either human characters or on-screen animations, making complex programming concepts easily accessible to all.
4. Crocodile Mathematics
Product type: Application • Category: Simulation • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  User-friendly mathematical modelling software for secondary school geometry and numeracy. Mathematical modelling is made simple - link shapes, numbers, equations and graphs to create your models.
5. Crocodile Physics
Product type: Application • Category: Simulation • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile Physics is a powerful but easy-to-use simulator that lets you model a range of models in electricity, motion and forces, optics and waves. It includes 46 lesson kits designed for the new science curriculum.
6. Crocodile Technology 3D
Product type: Application • Category: Electrical Engineering - EDA • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile Technology 3D is an electronics simulator covering all aspects of the electronic design process, in 3D, by one piece of software. It includes 3D simulation of a limitless range of circuit boards, a 2D circuit design tools, and also PIC microcontroller simulation, testing and programming.
7. DeltaGraph
Product type: Application • Category: Data Visualization • Vendor: Red Rock Software
  DeltaGraph for Windows and Mac combines powerful statistical tools with stunning data visualization capabilities to give your data audience appeal. With its unrivaled chart selection and easy chart customization capabilities you will find DeltaGraph the most comprehensive charting application available for Windows and Mac.
8. FEMLink
Product type: Library • Category: MATLAB Solutions • Vendor: SDTools
  FEMLink provides bidirectional interfaces with a number of finite element codes. These are used to build FEM, post-process FE results and manage sets of frequency domain measurements.
9. ImageGear Enterprise
Product type: Application • Category: Image processing and analysis • Vendor: Accusoft
  AccuSoft® ImageGear® Enterprise Edition provides developers with all the components and functionality they need for enterprise devlopment. Whether designing and deploying imaging applications in a multi-platform environment or building client/server and Web-based imaging applications for the enterprise, you have it all in one package with this version of ImageGear.
10. ImageGear Professional
Product type: Application • Category: Image processing and analysis • Vendor: Accusoft
  AccuSoft® ImageGear® Professional software is the industry standard to build, create, and deliver fast, high-quality imaging applications. Develop with over 1,500 built-in imaging functions ? display RAW camera files, read multimedia streams, and manipulate large data sets ? all in an easy to use toolkit package.

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