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5 products found from Crocodile Clips.

1. Crocodile Chemistry
Product type: Application • Category: Chemistry • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile Chemistry is a comprehensive simulated chemistry laboratory where you can model experiments and reactions safely and easily.
2. Crocodile ICT
Product type: Application • Category: Helping Programming Tools • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile ICT is a powerful tool for teaching control and programming. Use a simple flowchart interface to write programs which control either human characters or on-screen animations, making complex programming concepts easily accessible to all.
3. Crocodile Mathematics
Product type: Application • Category: Simulation • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  User-friendly mathematical modelling software for secondary school geometry and numeracy. Mathematical modelling is made simple - link shapes, numbers, equations and graphs to create your models.
4. Crocodile Physics
Product type: Application • Category: Simulation • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile Physics is a powerful but easy-to-use simulator that lets you model a range of models in electricity, motion and forces, optics and waves. It includes 46 lesson kits designed for the new science curriculum.
5. Crocodile Technology 3D
Product type: Application • Category: Electrical Engineering - EDA • Vendor: Crocodile Clips
  Crocodile Technology 3D is an electronics simulator covering all aspects of the electronic design process, in 3D, by one piece of software. It includes 3D simulation of a limitless range of circuit boards, a 2D circuit design tools, and also PIC microcontroller simulation, testing and programming.