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LimsLink CDS

de Labtronics

LimsLink CDS proporciona la más avanzada interfaz bidirectional entre cualquier LIMS y CDS. Incluye interfaces configurables que ofrecen una completa integración con los principales sistemas de cromatografía.

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CDS to LIMS interfacing
LimsLink CDS provides the most advanced bi-directional interface between any LIMS and any CDS. Experience in providing instrument interfacing solutions since 1986, combined with our partnerships with both LIMS and CDS providers, ensures that LimsLinkCDS exceeds your requirements.

The newest technology, embedded interfaces, was introduced by Labtronics to provide the following advanced features:

  • Direct connection from CDS to LIMS ? the interface is transparent to the user
  • Use of the security and audit trail in CDS, reducing maintenance work for the administrator and making daily log in steps easier
  • Automatic transfer of LIMS worklists to CDS sequences, reducing manual entry of sample information
  • Expansion of worklists to handle replicates and the addition of special samples such as standards
  • Instant reporting to LIMS, using the CDS print function
  • Configurable setup interface eliminates custom programming

A Fully Integrated Solution
LimsLinkCDS includes configurable interfaces that provide full integration with the major chromatography data systems:

  • Cerity NDS
  • ChemStation, ChemStation Plus and ChemStore
  • Chromeleon
  • EZChrom Elite
  • Galaxie
  • Millennium32 and Empower
  • TotalChrom

Meet Regulatory Requirements
LimsLinkCDS fully addresses the issues of data integrity and security.

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