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Collect-VirtuCOM System

de Labtronics

El sistema Collect-VirtuCOM crea una red inalámbrica segura formada por dispositivos serie y envía los datos directamente a las aplicaciones que están a la espera. La interfaz inalámbrica reduce el número de ordenadores necesarios para controlar instrumentos, elimina errores e incrementa la eficacia.

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Wireless Serial Interface to any Windows® Application
The Collect-VirtuCOM system creates a secure, wireless network of your serial devices and reports data directly to the applications awaiting results. Wireless interfacing can reduce the number of computers required to interface your instruments and save you thousands of dollars within months by eliminating errors and increasing efficiency.

Utilizing the latest technologies, the Collect-VirtuCOM System is a complete off-the-shelf, software and hardware package that interfaces and controls serial devices with any Windows® program.

The Collect-VirtuCOM System delivers a cost-effective solution to eliminate manual recording of data and data entry errors, no matter where that data needs to be sent. At run-time, simply select the instrument from the Collect software, point to a Windows® program and begin automatic data transfer.

Any serial device
- Balances/scales
- pH/EC/ISE meters
- UV/Vis, NIR spectrophotometers
- Stress/force gauges
- Bar code readers
- Density/viscosity meters
- Calipers
- Fridges/freezers
- Thermometers
- Barometers
- Hygrometers

To any software program
running on a Windows® platform;
- Calibration databases
- Chemical inventory
- Inventory systems
- Quality assurance/SPC software
- Laboratory Information Systems
- ERP systems
- PI systems
- Excel®, Access®, Oracle®, SQL
- Many more?

Automatically Add:

  • Your own network of serial devices
  • Simple to use software parser to extract all required data
  • Date/time stamps
  • Timed interval data collection, perfect for monitoring remote devices
  • Keyboard macros automate cursor movements through your applications
  • Parsing capabilities filter out unnecessary information
  • Support for bi-directional commands as well as user prompts to automate serial interface applications


  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Eliminate transcription errors
  • Transfer data directly into any Windows® program
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