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Nexxis es un entorno de desarrollo específicamente diseñado para laboratorios. Ofrece un sistema de automatización para sus procedimientos de operación estándar (SOP) y captura de datos de instrumentos simples, como básculas y medidores de pH. Además, permite automatizar operaciones manuales.

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Laboratory Process Automation

Nexxis is a development environment specifically designed for laboratories. It provides a system for automating your SOPs and collecting data from simple instruments like balances and pH meters. It lets you automate manual operations.

Nexxis is an n-tier scaleable platform that allows you to create customized automated procedures. The following is just a small sampling of what you can do with Nexxis:

  • Add a chemical inventory control system (Nexxis CIM)
  • Create training procedures
  • Automate the approval of analysis results
  • Control the creation of formulations and reagents
  • Create a freezer inventory system
  • Customize forms for data collection
  • Automate instruments by combining samplers with measuring devices
  • Monitor on-line devices, temperatures and other environmental parameters
  • Use an automated instrument calibration system (Nexxis CAL)
  • Track instrument usage and create internal billing systems
  • Interface to LIMS, ERP and other data systems
  • Track samples and assign required tests (Nexxis ST)
  • Track training records
  • Analyze reagent usage
  • Collect batch information with sample results
  • Send results by email to a client
  • Automate reporting

Nexxis provides unparalleled control over your lab
Nexxis combines the basic functions of instrument control, communication with databases and data processing with customized user interfaces (screens) to create any number of specialized applications. Once complete, these applications guide the user through the SOP ensuring that it is followed correctly every time.

What makes Nexxis Special?
Each of the applications mentioned above can be created in a variety of programming environments. So what makes Nexxis special? Nexxis is a high-level application development tool and not a programming environment. User interfaces are created with simple drag and drop technology that can be learned in minutes instead of weeks. Nexxis includes fill-in-the-box functions for such things as communicating with databases, requiring very limited technical knowledge.

Instrument interfacing is one of the more complex operations for many programmers; however, in Nexxis, it is a simple matter of filling in a few fields. One Nexxis step replaces many lines of traditional code. Over 400 instruments are already setup and supplied in an instrument database and more are continually being added. Labtronics will gladly add any new instrument you require.

The Nexxis Report Designer employs a drag and drop interface to give end-users control over the look and content of their Nexxis reports. Reports can be exported from Nexxis in ASCII, PDF, HTML, Word® or Excel® formats to meet specific application requirements. Interfacing to other systems like LIMS, ERP or Data Management Systems is easy.

Advanced functions such as security, audit trail, checking instrument calibration status and checking user status are fully functional. Adding audit trail records and electronic signatures to your custom procedures is easy. Nexxis is ready to meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11.

Can Nexxis be expanded for more complex Applications?
As a non-programmer you will find Nexxis very easy to use, and it contains more functionality than you will likely need. If you have more programming experience or require something special, Nexxis provides the ability to run external programs written in any language, and it supports a powerful internal scripting process using Sax Basic Engine.

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