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Nexxis Lab

de Labtronics

Nexxis LAB le permite transformar su laboratorio en una moderna unidad y automatizar completamente todos sus pequeños instrumentos, como básculas o medidores de pH, así como las operaciones manuales. Nexxis LAB ofrece un entorno seguro y libre de errores que garantiza que los procedimientos estándar se ejecutan correctamente.

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Total Lab Automation

Nexxis LAB will transform your lab into a completely modern facility providing automation for all your small instruments such as balances and pH meters, as well as all manual operations. Nexxis LAB provides a secure, error free, environment to ensure SOPs (standard operating procedures) are carried out correctly every time.

The Right Information all the Time

  • Automate any RS232 or TCP/IP instrument that does not already have a data system, e.g. balances, pH meters and hardness testers.
  • Automate manual procedures and force users to follow established SOPs.
  • Provide a chemical inventory control system.
  • Use an ELN (electronic laboratory notebook) to collect data.
  • Track, schedule and carry out instrument calibrations.
  • Automate the completion of standard forms.
  • Ensure training records are maintained and enforced.
  • Convert any manual procedure into an automated process.
  • Generate ?Certificate of Analysis? reports automatically.
  • Assign tests to samples and track results.
  • Interface directly to LIMS and other database systems.
  • Provide electronic access to written SOPs from any computer.
  • Automate using the latest technology including wireless systems, tablets and hand held devices.
  • Meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance requirements

Nexxis LAB is a single solution that integrates instrument data collection, manual operations and laboratory procedures. Nexxis LAB is a collection of applications that runs on the Nexxis platform, providing you with a single integrated solution that can solve many of your automation problems.

The benefits of using a single platform for your lab processes are enormous:

  • lower training costs
  • lower initial software costs
  • lower software maintenance costs
  • lower on-going internal IT support costs
  • lower cost for integrating unrelated systems

Nexxis LAB provides you with a way to wrap many of your lab applications into one system. It combines ELN, instrument data collection, manual procedures, chemical inventory, instrument calibration, LIMS interfacing, training records, sample tracking and customized procedures into one system.

By integrating all of the procedures that deal with manual operations and small instruments into one system, you not only save significantly on the cost, but you also benefit through improved automation not possible with separate systems. In the same way that Microsoft® Office® makes it easy to transfer data between Word® and Excel®, Nexxis LAB provides for similar advanced integration. For example?

  • The expiration date of reagents used in an analysis can be checked against the chemical inventory database.
  • Analytical procedures can check the calibration status of an instrument with the instrument calibration database.
  • SOPs and chemical MSDS (material safety data sheets) can be displayed during a manual procedure.
  • User training records can be checked before the analyst is allowed to start a particular analysis.

Nexxis LAB is a specially priced software package that combines each of the existing Application Methods with the general Nexxis platform. You are free to use any of the applications, as well as create your own custom procedures. When you buy Nexxis LAB you will get each of the following:

  • Nexxis starter kit (includes the server, 10 connections and a library of over 400 instruments)
  • Nexxis BDS ? a collection of balance automation procedures
  • Nexxis CAL ? instrument calibration program
  • Nexxis CIM ? chemical inventory program
  • Nexxis ST ? a sample tracking system for the scheduling and collection of data
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