B2 Logic v3

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Diseñar circuitos digitales es muy fácil con B2 Logic. Seleccione cientos de componentes de entre una amplia variedad de familias para crear sus circuitos. Ejecute la simulación interactiva y pruébela colocando sondas. A medida que la simulación progresa, los valores de señal cambian en las sondas, así como en un diagrama de tiempos asociado a una hoja de cálculo.


  • Fully integrated and interactive
    B2 Logic allows you to build the circuit on the screen and test it by placing probes in the circuit. As the simulation progresses, the signal values change in the probes in the circuit, as well as in a timing diagram and in a spreadsheet. You can change the input values by clicking directly in the inputs in the circuit.
  • Multiple components
    There are over 100 primitives of components available.
  • Multiple libraries
    B2 Logic comes with five built-in libraries. You can also create your own libraries.
  • Customize device properties
    You can modify propagation delays and other characteristics of devices in your circuit, and of the models of devices in the libraries.
  • Flexible analysis
    With a click of the mouse, you can specify initial conditions and delay times of the circuit.
  • Simulation diagnostics
    B2 Logic reports timing violations on dynamic components (e.g. flip-flops) to the user while the circuit is running.
  • Accurate simulation
    B2 Logic simulates the propagation delays and set-up and hold times for each device according to the specifications in the Logic Data Books.
  • Multiple signal values
    The value of a signal consists of both signal level and strength. There are three levels and four strengths.
  • Subcircuits
    You can build a circuit, save it, and then open it as a component in another circuit. You can probe the inside of a subcircuit.
  • Buses
    B2 Logic allows you to group a set of wires together into a single bus, which keeps large circuits compact and easy to edit and debug.
  • Generic PLD simulation
    Simulate PLD's from truth tables, equations, or Espresso format tables. B2 Logic supports internal flip-flops. You can simulate ROM from data tables.
  • Program Limitations
    B2 Logic is not a printed circuit board design package. It is useful for verifying design ideas and for analyzing the timing of circuits. B2 Logic circuits are not currently portable to other programs. B2 Logic does not allow import of third party parts libraries.

Device primitives

Input Ports
Bidirectional Port
Output Probe
Seven Segment Display
Bus Connectors
High Voltage
Pull-Down Resistor
Pull-Up Resistor
Buffer (Delay Element)
S-R Latch
Clocked SR Latch
JKFF w/ Reset & Clear
PLD (generic)
Net Connectors
Decoder (generic)
D Flip Flop (generic)
RAM 16x4
RAM 1024x8
RAM 4096x8
ROM 32x8
ROM 256.32
ROM 4096x8
Seven Segment Display
Toggle Flip Flop
User-defined circuit
7400/4 2-Inp. NAND
7401/4 2 Inp. NAND OC
7402/4 2 Inp. NOR.
7404/6 Inverter
7405/6 Inverter OC
7406/6 Inv. Buff OC
7407 Buffer OC
7408/4 2 Inp. AND
7409/4 2 Inp. AND OC
7410/3 3 Inp. NAND
7411/3 3 Inp. AND
7412/3 3 Inp. NAND OC
7415/3 3 Inp. AND OC
7420/2 4-Inp. NAND
7421/2 4-Inp. AND
7422/2 4-Inp. NAND OC
7425 NOR w/Strobe
7426/3 3 Inp. NAND Buff OC
7427/3 3 Inp. NOR
7428/4 2 Inp. NOR Buff OC
7430 8-Inp. NAND
7432/4 2-Inp. OR
7433/4 2-Inp. NOR Buff OC
7437 NAND Buffer
7438/4 2 Inp. NAND Buff OC
7442 BCD/Decimal Converter
7445 Decimal Decoder/Buffer
7447 BCD/ 7 Seg Decoder
7449 BCD/ 7 Seg Decoder
7451 AND-OR-Invert
7473/2 JK Flip Flop
7474/2 D Flip Flop
7475 Quad D type latch
7476/2 JK Neg Edge-Trig FF
7477 Quad D type latch
7482 Adder
7485 Comparator
7486/4 Exclusive OR
7489 Binary Rate Multiplier
7490 Decade Counter
7491 8 bit shift Register
7492 Divide by 12 Counter
7493 Binary Counter
74109/2 JK' FF
74112/2 Neg Edge FF
74113/2 JK Neg-
Edge FF w/Preset
74123 Monostable Vibrator
74126 A Tri State Buffer
74136/4 X-OR OC
7418 Decoder 3-to-8
74139 A Decoder 2-to-4
74148 Priority Encoder
74151 Multiplexer 1-of-8
74153 Multiplexer 1-of-4
74157 Multiplexer 1-of-2
74161 4-Bit Binary Ctr
74163A 4-Bit Binary Ctr
74169B Up-Down Binary Ctr
74175 Quad D FF
74181 Arithmetic Logic Unit
74192 Up-Down (dec)
74193 Up-Down (hex)
74194 4-Bit Univ Shift Reg
74244 Octal Buffer
74245 Inv. Octal Buffer
74245 Inv. octal buffer
74266/4 X-NOR OC
74279 R' S' Latch
74280 Parity generator
74373 Octal Latch
74374 Octal D Reg
74381 ALU (8fn)
74393 4-Bit Binary Ctr
74541 Octal Buffer
74646 Reg/X-ceiver


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