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Genetic Server/Genetic Library constituyen una API de propósito general para el diseño de algoritmos genéticos. Genetic Server es un componente ActiveX que puede usar para crear fácilmente aplicaciones genéticas en Visual Basic, mientras que Genetic Library es una librería C++.

Genetic Server and Genetic Library provide general purpose APIs for genetic algorithm design. Genetic Server is an ActiveX component that can be used to easily build custom genetic applications in Visual Basic. Genetic Library is a C++ library that can be used for building custom genetic applications in Visual C++. There are no royalties for distributing applications built with either of these products.

Both products include extensive on-line help documenting the APIs as well as genetic algorithm theory. In addition, there are multiple examples with corresponding source code that can be pulled from in order to get up and running faster. In a recent reveiw, said the "Genetic Server has excellent features, documentation and functionality." and gave the product an overall rating of 90% out of 100%.


Genetic Algorithms

  • Generational
  • Steady-State

Data Types

  • Binary
  • Integer
  • Float

Mutation Operators

  • Flip Bit
  • Boundary
  • Uniform
  • Gaussian

Crossover Operators

  • One Point
  • Two Point
  • Uniform
  • Arithmetic
  • Heuristic

Selection Operators

  • Roulette
  • Tournament
  • Top Percent
  • Best
  • Random

Termination Methods

  • Generation Number
  • Evolution Time
  • Fitness Convergence
  • Population Convergence
  • Gene Convergence


Genetic Library 495.00 €

Genetic Server 495.00 €

Genetic Library & Genetic Server 795.00 €

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