Collect SL

de Labtronics

Collect SL es una solución simple y económica que permite la conexión con cualquier dispositivo RS232 y la captura de datos en una hoja de cálculo interna. Collect SL permite automatizar los procesos de captura y cálculo de equipos instrumentales.

Collect Data from any Instrument to a Spreadsheet Automatically
Collect SL is a simple cost-effective solution to connect any RS232 device output into its own internal spreadsheet. Collect SL can automate the data collection and calculations process.

Automatically add:

  • Simple to use parser to extract all required data
  • Date/Time stamps
  • User Information
  • Timed interval data collection
  • Keyboard macros automate cursor movements in the spreadsheet
  • Parsing capabilities filter out unnecessary information
  • Support for bi-directional commands, as well as user prompts to help automate instrument applications
  • Save and print worksheets
  • Export spreadsheet data as a file or to an Excel® spreadsheet


  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Eliminate transcription errors
  • Automate balance applications

To send data directly to other Windows® programs, Collect is the most cost-effective, complete automation solution for all of your weighing applications when interfacing a single instrument per PC and multi-tasking during data collection is not a requirement. For integrating multiple instruments to the same PC or being able to multi-task in other applications during data collection, Collect XL provides a superior solution.


Collect SL 4.0 para Windows (1 licencia) 195.00 €

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