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Microsoft® Excel® se ha convertido en la hoja de cálculo estándar para la recolección de datos de laboratorios, tanto si éstos se introducen manual como electrónicamente. BalanceTalk XL utiliza este estándar para automatizar la entrada de los datos provinientes de básculas desde el propio Microsoft Excel®.

Balance Automation Controlled from Within the Excel® Application
Microsoft® Excel® has become an industry standard destination for laboratory data, whether data is being collected manually or electronically. BalanceTalk XL builds on that standard by providing balance automation that is controlled from within the Excel® application.

Unlike wedge interfacing technology that limits multi-task functionality, BalanceTalk XL creates a direct connection between the instruments and Excel® for tight integration and accurate results, allowing you to work in other applications on the same PC at the same time. BalanceTalk XL was built using the Collect XL software and includes number of pre-configured methods for weighing applications.

With BalanceTalk XL you have:

  • Complete integration with Microsoft® Excel®
  • Pre-configured library of interfaces for Mettler-Toledo, Sartorius, Shimadzu, A&D Weighing, Denver Instrument Company, Ohaus Corporation, Adam Equipment Inc., Precisa Balances Inc., Scientech Inc. and Setra, balances, scales and moisture analyzers
  • New balances can be added and configured by the user
  • Collect data from multiple serial devices into one or more spreadsheets
  • Allows for multi-tasking during data collection
  • Date and time stamp data as it is collected
  • Multi-line parser allows for complex parsing
  • Move incoming weights to any row in the spreadsheet
  • Export and import methods and instrument setups
  • Connect with remote devices over a LAN or WAN via TCP/IP

Instrument Library Guarantee: If your balance, scale or any other instrument is not listed in the Instrument Library and is RS232 output capable, we will create and add an instrument of your choice for free with each copy of the BalanceTalk XL software you purchase. Ask us for a list of the instruments currently included in the library of pre-configured interfaces.


BalanceTalk XL 5.1 para Windows (1 licencia) 495.00 €

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