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BalanceTalk captura los datos de las básculas y balanzas con puertos RS232 y envía la información a cualquier programa de forma transparente. Si es posible introducir el peso en su actual aplicación, BalanceTalk le ayudará a automatizar el proceso de captura de datos.

Collect Data from any Balance and Send to any Windows® Program
BalanceTalk collects data from balances and scales with RS232 ports and sends that data transparently into any other program. If you can type the weight into the program, BalanceTalk can automate the data collection process.

Automatically add:

  • Simple to use parser to extract all required data
  • Add date/time stamps
  • User Information
  • Timed interval data collection
  • Keyboard macros automate cursor movements in your applications
  • Parsing capabilities filter out unnecessary information
  • Support for bi-directional commands as well as user prompts to help automate balance applications

Each BalanceTalk CD includes easy-to-use Excel® spreadsheet templates for many balance applications such as Moisture Analysis, Sieving, Check Weighing, Density measurement and more?


  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Eliminate transcription errors
  • Transfer data directly into any Windows® program
  • Automate balance applications
  • Includes Excel® spreadsheet templates

BalanceTalk is the most cost effective, complete automation solution for all of your weighing applications when interfacing a single instrument per PC and multi-tasking during data collection is not a requirement. For integrating multiple instruments to the same PC or being able to multi-task in other applications during data collection, BalanceTalk XL provides a superior solution.


BalanceTalk 4.0 para Windows (1 licencia) 395.00 €

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