Nexxis ST

de Labtronics

Nexxis Sample Tracker (ST) proporciona un sistema directo de almacenamiento y seguimiento de los resultados de pruebas de laboratorios. Los usuarios pueden registrar muestras, asignar pruebas y grabar los resultados.

Storage and Retrieval of Sample Data
Nexxis Sample Tracker provides a straightforward system for storing and tracking laboratory test results. Users can log in samples, assign tests and record results for the tests. Nexxis Sample Tracker can be used right out of the box or expanded to meet specific laboratory requirements.

  • Log in samples
  • Define required tests for the samples
  • Define batches of samples
  • Assign tests for each batch
  • Enter results for tests, either manually or automatically
  • Store results for tests
  • Review sample results


  • Nexxis Sample Tracker allows the user to define any number of tests.
  • Each test can record results for multiple components.
  • Tests can then be arranged into Groups to simplify the assigning of tests to samples.

Samples and Batches

  • Samples can be logged in and tracked either individually or in batches.
  • Pre-configured fields for sample information can be modified by the user.
  • Once a Batch is defined and tests are assigned, the tests are automatically assigned to each sample in the batch.

Test Results

  • Out of the box, Nexxis Sample Tracker is set up for manual entry of test results.
  • Enter the Sample ID, select a test and then enter the results.
  • Nexxis Sample Tracker can also be configured to automatically collect data directly from instruments.

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