Control System Explorer

de Harmonic Software

Control System Explorer es un entorno GUI para el análisis e investigación de sistemas de control. La interfaz es completamente interactiva ofreciendo una completa solución de análisis sin necesidad de programar, crear scripts o usar herramientas de desarrollo adicionales.

The Control System Explorer is a GUI-based environment for analyzing and investigating control systems. The interface is completely interactive providing a complete analysis solution without any programming, scripting, or additional development tools.

The Control System Explorer enables you to analyze open or closed loop models. Model parameters can be modified for each component and extensive plotting and data visualization tools are provided for evaluating models. Plots and data can be exported to other tools for creating reports, creating presentations, or performing additional analysis. At any stage of analysis models can be saved to a file.

Plotting Features:

  • Bode Plot
  • Nyquist Plot
  • Root Locus
  • Step Response
  • Impulse Response
  • Routh Table and Stability
  • Gain and Phase Margins
  • Identify graph points using the mouse

System Requirements

  • Windows 98, NT, 2000, or XP
  • 5 MB Available Disk Space

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