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SinapsPlus es una completa herramienta de pre y postprocesado para SINDA/FLUINT. Permite dibujar circuitos termales y/o de fluídos en pantalla, validar entradas, lanzar una ejecución SINDA/FLUINT y visualizar los resultados en su esquema original.

Graphical User Interface for SINDA/FLUINT

SinapsPlus is a complete pre- and post-processing tool for SINDA/FLUINT. Users sketch their thermal and/or fluid circuits on the screen, validate inputs, launch a SINDA/FLUINT run, and then visualize results on their original schematic.


  • Input, validate, launch, and post-process SINDA/FLUINT from within SinapsPlus
  • Sketch networks/schematics, use pop-up forms and buttons to create inputs
  • Results displayed on user's sketch
  • Color/shade by input or output
  • Pop-up X-Y, bar, and polar plots
  • Reads existing SINDA/FLUINT ASCII (text) input files
  • Easily handles large SINDA/FLUINT models
  • SINDA/FLUINT can be resident, or remote on a different type of platform

SinapsPlus Prebuilts

A prebuilt model is essentially a SinapsPlus-based SINDA/FLUINT model that may be modified and then re-executed. Prebuilt models require no software purchase, licensing, or compiler to execute. The user must have the SinapsPlus and SINDA/FLUINT demos installed.

C&R Technologies has generated several prebuilt models and associated usage documentation for common problems such as fin (extended surface) performance, single- and two-phase pipe flow, vapor compression cycles, etc.


SinapsPlus para Windows 6,000.00 €

SinapsPlus para HP Workstations 10,000.00 €

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