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EZMESH es un programa de generación de mallado diseñado para ingenieros y científicos. Ofrece un entorno completamente integrado desde el que dirigir todos los aspectos del proceso de la generación del mallado.

EZMESH is a mesh generation program designed for scientists and engineers. It offers a completely integrated environment from which all aspects of the mesh generation process can be directed. For example, using EZMESH you can:

  • Build the model geometry
  • Import CAD data
  • Generate the structured computational mesh
  • Optimize the mesh
  • Perform mesh analysis

Each of these functions is activated from a single interface, and each can be controlled using standard tools such as pull-down menus, text boxes, and command buttons.

Based on an advanced 3D windowing scheme, EZMESH’s intelligent GUI guides you through all steps required for generating a computational mesh. Using pull-down menus and a combination of mouse and keyboard inputs, you can quickly define the computational domain and generate a high quality mesh.



  • Fully interactive menu-driven input
  • Multiple window environment
  • Mesh-independent geometry
  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Mesh optimization
  • Prompt line help
  • Error diagnostics

File management

  • Geometric Model Definition
  • 1-, 2-, or 3-dimensions coordinate systems
  • Body-fitted coordinates (BFC)
  • Geometric-based modeling with separate specification for each region of physical extent and number of computational elements (cells)

CAD Data Import

  • CAD data import (IGES)
  • Wireframe
  • NURBS surfaces
  • Untrimmed NURBS surface processing
  • Fidelity control

Mesh Generation

  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Generation based on spatial extent
  • Local control
  • Hyperbolic stretching functions

Mesh Optimization

  • Local and global optimization
  • Orthogonality control
  • Spacing control
  • Level of optimization control

Tools and Utilities

  • Region slicing
  • Cutting planes
  • Model display control
  • Reference grid

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