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Análisis de electrostática tridimensional.

HiPhi offers unparalleled computational power, speed and accuracy for 3D electrostatics at a moderate price. The program handles user-specified geometries that may contain regions of electrodes, dielectrics, space-charge and resistive materials. The package includes the PhiView postprocessor for plots and interactive analyses. A PC with 512 MB of RAM can accomodate large meshes with over 10 million elements. Solution times are short - a 200,000-node calculation takes less than 1 minute. HiPhi has application to areas such as high-voltage engineering, circuit component design, electro-optical and vacuum microelectronic devices, electroplating and electrostatic equipment (precipitators, copiers, printers,...). (Available for Windows and Linux. MetaMesh required.)


  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual with walkthrough examples.
  • Extensive array of 2D and 3D plotting options.
  • Publication-quality hardcopy with support for all Windows print devices.
  • Interactive point-and- click analysis of solutions.
  • New solution techniques to resolve microscopic details in large structures.
  • Formatted text output files make it easy to transfer information to user applications or to mathematical analysis programs.
  • Interactive line scans and plots with digital oscilloscope features.
  • HiPhi and PhiView can run in batch mode for automated analyses.
  • Automatic surface integrals of normal fields to calculate mutual capacitances and electrode currents.
  • Advanced interpolation techniques with intelligent-point-selection for high-accuracy field calculations.


HiPhi (requiere MetaMesh) 1,590.00 €

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