EMP 5.0

de Field Precision, Inc.

Análisis de elementos finitos en el dominio del tiempo: simulaciones de interferencia electromagnética y dispositivos de potencia de pulso.

EMP simulates electromagnetic pulses in 2D planar geometries and 3D cylindrical systems. The program employs unique finite-element methods on conformal triangular meshes for accurate representations of curved and sloped material boundaries. Run times are short, typically a few seconds on a high-performance computer. EMP supports matched-termination absorbing boundaries to simulate open-space conditions. Spatial data can be analyzed quickly with the VEMP interactive post-processor. This program generates quantitative data and a wide variety of plots. The package also includes the Probe utility to plot temporal signals. EMP applications areas include microwave devices, particle accelerators, pulsed-power generators and electromagnetic interference. (Available for Linux and Windows. Requires Mesh 5.0.)


  • Easy-to-understand instruction manual with a library of read-to-run examples.
  • Material types include vacuum, conductors, or lossy dielectrics and ferrites.
  • Represents arbitrary time variations of multiple sources through simple text table inputs.
  • Automatically picks time steps consistent with the Courant stability condition.
  • Records time-dependent temperature and thermal properties at up to 50 probe locations.
  • Formatted text output files make it easy to transfer information to user applications or to mathematical analysis programs.


EMP 5.0 (requiere Mesh 5.0) 890.00 €

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