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by Bradly Associates

Plotting of 3D and 4D data sets as contour-maps, surfaces or cross sections.

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3D Data Display

GINOSURF is a multi-dimensional graphical display library providing a variety of surface representations. Contour plots, perspective surfaces and cross-sectional diagrams can all be generated to perform accurate visual appraisal of your multi-dimensional data. This impressive and high performance surface mapping can all be created with a minimum of programming effort.

The multi-dimensional data can be supplied in gridded, random or functional form with interpolation control available onto a gridded or triangulated network suitable for accurate visualization. Control routines provide full colour control, scaling, direction of viewing, character and annotation control, projection of contour slices, area fill of specified data regions, axis control and full hidden surface facilities.

GINOSURF uses the low-level routines of the GINO package, providing complete device and system independence and also enabling the use of its OpenGL drivers enabling surfaces to be drawn, shaded and manipulated at high speed in the graphics hardware. Metafile support includes JPEG, PNG, CGM, Postscript and WMF.


  • Available for Fortran, C/C++, Delphi, VB and .NET
  • Create complete plots with very few calls
  • Complete control over contour annotation
  • Solid fill/hatch in between contours
  • Overlay polylines on top of surfaces
  • Surfaces can be viewed from any angle
  • Any number of plots per page

screenshot showing GINOSURF use in a VB application
GINOSURF is available as part of the GINO bundle or as an add-on to GINO

Win 9x/NT/2000/XP
Absoft Pro Lahey LF90/95 Compaq Visual Fortran
Intel Visual Fortran Salford FTN95

Visual C/C++ Borland C Absoft C

Delphi Visual Basic

J#.NET Salford FTN95 .NET Lahey LF.NET
Absoft Pro GNU g77 GNU cc
Intel Lahey LF95 PGI
Compaq Alpha (OpenVMS)
Digital VAX (OpenVMS)
IBM RS/6000 (AIX)
Silicon Graphics (IRIX)
Sun Sparc (Solaris)
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