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by Bradly Associates

Graphing and charting with 2D data sets.

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Charting and Presentation Graphics

GINOGRAF is the software module for displaying numerical data in a range of graphical forms. The library is used to enhance users data display needs with the minimum of programming effort, and unlike many other packages contains no limit to the number and styles of different output options available.

Extruded Bar charts, pie charts, X-Y graphs, vector diagrams, histograms, step, area, text and polar charts can all be generated from a single call. A whole host of composite routines are available which offer control of position, scaling and labelling of axes, line styles and symbol types, curve fitting characteristics, colour and solid fill capabilities, linear and logarithmic scales and titling.

GINOGRAF uses the low-level routines of the GINO package enabling the user to either fine-tune a particular style of output using additional administrative routines or creating a complex visualization plot by displaying the 2D data in 3D space using projection, transformation and viewing routines to create a final publication quality diagram. All facilities associated with GINO are available including access to Metafile drivers such as JPEG, PNG, CGM, Postscript and WMF.

  • Available for Fortran, C/C++, Delphi, VB and .NET
  • Create simple graphs with just one routine call
  • Routines specially geared for scientific output
  • Complete control over appearance of graph
  • Any number of data sets per graph
  • Any number of graphs per page

GINOGRAF is available as part of the GINO bundle or as an add-on to GINO

Win 9x/NT/2000/XP
Absoft Pro Lahey LF90/95 Compaq Visual Fortran
Intel Visual Fortran Salford FTN95

Visual C/C++ Borland C Absoft C

Delphi Visual Basic

J#.NET Salford FTN95 .NET Lahey LF.NET
Absoft Pro GNU g77 GNU cc
Intel Lahey LF95 PGI
Compaq Alpha (OpenVMS)
Digital VAX (OpenVMS)
IBM RS/6000 (AIX)
Silicon Graphics (IRIX)
Sun Sparc (Solaris)
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