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Altia DeepScreen -Code Generation-

by Altia

DeepScreen is a graphics code generator that turns your GUI prototype into deployable code. DeepScreen generates code that is small and efficient and is tuned for your target RTOS.

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Altia DeepScreen is a graphics code generator that converts your prototype graphics into deployable graphics code. Altia DeepScreen uses the same Altia design that has been a part of the project from the very beginning. To generate code, you simply select the design objects that represent the display portion of your product and click on the "Generate Code" menu. C code is generated in seconds rather than months. DeepScreen was created to remove the tedious, time-consuming task of converting prototype graphics into lines of code. DeepScreen reserves your precious programming time for more important things, such as building your application code and getting it to run on your hardware.

The code can be generated for any of the many RTOSs that DeepScreen supports. In addition, you can generate code for your proprietary RTOS and quickly integrate with your graphics library. Altia can also supply our own graphics library for integration directly with device drivers. Whatever your graphics needs, Altia has a solution.

Never again fear those last minute specification or RTOS changes. Changes to the user interface can normally be accomplished in minutes or hours. Once made, new code is generated and compiled for your target in just minutes. Last minute changes in the user interface need not mean late nights and deadlines missed. If a change is made in the choice of RTOS, it is a simple matter to generate your code for the new RTOS and recompile with the appropriate compiler.

DeepScreen generates pure C source code and 100% of the code is available to the user. There are no libraries or object files that need to be linked. The customer has complete control over the code and the project. In addition, you have control over important aspects of code generation such as whether to use static or dynamic memory. You get the code you want when you need it.

Moving from a prototype to actual code can be tricky. Especially if you are switching between target operating systems since graphics toolkits tend to look and feel different on each operating system. This is not a problem for Altia DeepScreen. The code generated duplicates the Altia design exactly - independent of the target operating system. This is the same design that has been seen by your customers, human factors, marketing, and systems engineers. There are no surprises. Your customers get exactly what they saw and were expecting.

With Altia DeepScreen you can:

  • Turn Altia Design screens into deployable code
  • Easily switch between RTOSs
  • Deploy graphics code on high and low end targets
  • Deliver Altia Design prototypes as a single executable
  • Save the grunt work of graphics coding
  • Meet aggressive schedules


Development OS

  • Windows, NT, ME, 2000, XP
  • Unix, Sun, HP, SGI
  • Linux

Target OS

  • Windows, NT, ME, 2000, XP, CE, .net
  • Unix, Sun, HP, SGI
  • Linux
  • QNX
  • VxWorks
  • Custom, home-grown RTOSs
  • and more...

Target Graphics Libraries

  • Win32
  • OpenGL
  • X
  • Photon
  • WindML
  • AltiaGL
  • Frame buffers
  • Scan line interfaces
  • and more..

Minimum code size

  • 50 kilobytes

Hardware requirements

  • supports 16 and 32 bit processors
  • supports fixed point and floating point processors


  • From Altia Design select items for code generation
  • No limit to combination or number of objects that can be selected
  • Dialog driven choice of target RTOS
  • Choice of code generation optimizations
  • Generates code for graphics, animation, stimulus and control
  • Makefiles for all targets already supplied and integrated
  • Ability to build and integrate custom makefiles
  • Link in your application code and use your own main loop
  • Porting kit to generate code for currently unsupported OSs or GLs

Optimization Options

  • Choice to generate code for animation, stimulus and/or control
  • Choice to generate code for built-in functions
  • Choice to use dynamic or static memory
  • Open in window or full screen
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